Work with Us

In our pursuit of excellence, we recognize it as a journey, not a mere destination. Fueling our team's synergy, we thrive on the continuous refinement of our craft. Purposefully immersed in this dynamic process, we stand united as the epitome of collaborative success – the team you'll want by your side.
Technological Prowess

We do not compromise on quality, which means we adopt the best, latest technologies required for our staff to do a good job. Our two factories (2800 sq mt and 3200 sq mt) are equipped with the best machineries and equipment, and we ensure that safety measures and workwear are followed by all who operate the machines. We also have stain cleaning and pressing stations and needle scanning machines.

Design & Innovation

Staying abreast of the latest market trends and techniques is necessary to deliver value in a timely fashion. Design research and sampling help us develop new designs and weaves that will be appreciated by customers. Our design team continuously works on new seasonal development and we are equipped to work on client’s specific design requirement.

Strong, Dedicated Workforce

Customer satisfaction is not enough. Employee satisfaction is essential too. We are fortunate to employ skilled and hard-working people across all backgrounds, and we consciously strive to have more women on the workforce.

Customised Solutions, No Shortcuts

We give you, the client, what you desire. If you want to choose from our beautiful readymade products, go ahead. If you have a specific idea in mind and want it to be designed by our team, we can help you with that as well. Bottom line: We want our designs to bring a smile to your face. Every fringe or tassel is handmade with care.

Sourcing Sustainably

As much as we can, we try to source sustainable, organic materials that will do no harm to the planet. We want our fabrics to be friends of the environment. We also follow energy-efficient processes wherever possible at our work sites.

Ethical Standards

We follow the highest ethical standards in our ways of working and our manner of sourcing materials fabric. This ethic seeps into our hiring and recruitment process too. We strive to be an inclusive and equal opportunity workplace.