Who Are We & What Do We Do

In 2001, the seeds of a dream were planted. We wanted to create and offer high-quality, beautifully designed, cost-effective textile products. Since then, as we grew, so did our ideas, so did our team. Today, we’re backed by a strong, skilled workforce who love what they do.

Although our products are known to be more affordable than other companies, we compromise on nothing. We source our fabrics and materials, taking pains to ensure the highest quality of each fabric, each tassel, each fringe. We offer personalised CAD support so that your vision can be translated into reality by our skilled design team.

Over the years, we have fostered lifelong relations with our clients; their trust in us and our products gives us immense joy. The blend of expertise, experience, passion and technical knowhow helps us reach newer heights with every project we deliver.

We export home textiles to retailers and consumers across the world, specialising in table and kitchen linen. Our designs and textures seek inspiration from the myriad facets of nature and seasons. Our designs always go hand in hand with the trends around the world.

We offer a range of qualities, finishes and techniques. To list a few are:
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton
  • Cotton, linen, polyester, bamboo and blends
  • Pre-consumer & post-consumer recycled material
  • Enzyme wash, stone wash
  • Flame-retardant & water-repellent fabric treatments
  • Yarn dyeing
  • Printing
  • Embroidery

Every product we make goes through a series of stringent quality control checks to ensure they adhere to the highest levels of quality. This is also proven through the various certifications we have achieved over time.

What motivates us the most to work with a smile every day is the growing list of happy clients who buy from us again and again. Our firm belief that success is a journey and not a destination keeps us on our toes and keeps us grounded. We have miles to go before we rest…

We’re passionate & professional

Our passion is textile, nothing but high-quality products with fabulous finish. We keep learning, so we can improve our products. We keep researching, developing and innovating. This shows clearly in our day-to-day work or our final output.

We connect with people

Beyond business, beyond profit and sales, we always strive to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our stakeholders and employees. In return, we’re gifted with loyalty and trust, which we cherish and uphold.

We’re honest & ethical

Our employees and workers are important to us, and our work culture fosters friendship, safety, happiness, and trust. If our work family is not happy, it will affect our output. We also ensure stringent safety measures on the factory floor.

We are responsible

We have only one planet Earth, and this fact becomes more real every day. As a conscious and responsible company, we undertake many sustainability initiatives. If all of us do our bit for the environment, it can impact change in a large way.